The Loves of My Life

The Loves of My Life

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bad Habit

When I am overwhelmed and tired I procrastinate.

I should be doing lots of other things right now.
I should be

paying bills
going to the bank
calling back friends

but all I want to do is fall on the couch and watch a movie....
Some people call it laziness......I call it coping.

only a 1/2 hr till Little Wes wakes up....not enough time to watch a movie.

cue sad face.

I'll need to find a another way to cope with stress
or maybe I'll just watch my movies in pieces.

Yep...sad but true.


Rebecca Snavely said...

Coping / enjoying / BEING is good - take time to do what feeds your soul.

Heidi said...

I say you take it easy on yourself - all those things that you listed can WAIT! You need to take care of you first. The energy needed to do all those things won't come if you don't slow down and relax every now and then.

aurelia said...

That's not called procrastination, that's just being paralyzed by too much to do- happens to me all the time! Veg out tonight, regroup, make a list tomorrow morning, then start with a couple easy checks off the list. You'll feel tons better.

erika said...

I love Aurelia's comment.

I so often forget the miracle of the list...when I tackle the hard stuff first thing in the morning I feel so good all day. Then when night time rolls around its all about taking it easy! Thanks for re-inspiring me. I'm going to go and make a list right now!