The Loves of My Life

The Loves of My Life

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ignore or Befriend?

Today for the first time in what seems like forever, I had time to screw around on the computer.

Actually, I just lied.

I didn't. But I was in essence, I had time.
Anyway, I went over to my Facebook page and decided to take a gander at the Friends Suggestions Page. I NEVER do this. I am not one to go out "looking" for friends. I did in the beginning because I started doing Facebook before it blew up in social circles and not very many of my friends were on it yet. But then they saw the light and now they are all hooked.

Except one friend. She refuses. Yes, Valentine....I'm talking about you. (ha! She doesn't even read my blog! So she'll never see this. Bambushka GET ON FACEBOOK!)

Sorry....lost focus. (see what happens when you stop blogging).So I took a gander at my friends suggestions page and in the sea of faces I saw......

my Husbands congregation.

I Love them. I do....I love them all. But I started wondering.....should people in your church be Facebook friends?

Some...absolutely! But I'm not talking about the people you see and talk to every week at church or at church activities. I'm talking more about the people you know....but you don't know. The people that the pastor knows and you might know their names, but you know nothing about them.
Is there even a line? Should there be a line?
I don't know.

That is why I bring it to the blogging world. What do you all think?

But here's my last thought. I was thinking...if they wanted to be friends with me they would request me right?


But they haven't.

So problem solved.

No feelings hurt.

In Case You Didn't Notice

I'm having a hard time bloggin lately for several different reasons.

Time. Don't have much.

Lack of Inspiration. too busy.

But mostly I have been thinking its all very narcissistic. blogging friends....I don't mean you, because frankly, I like reading other people's stuff when I have the time.

But I have been having very funny feelings about the reasons why I blog.
I first started because I wanted to have a place where I could say honest things about me, ministry, kids and life in general. But when I try to blog I have started to edit myself.

Don't want to ruffle the feathers.
Don't want people to worry.
That might be taken the wrong way.

and then I ask...why am I writing this? is it all about me?

I just don't know.

and I'm stuck.

Maybe I'll be unstuck soon.

But I don't know....we'll see.