The Loves of My Life

The Loves of My Life

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Baby on a Leash

My daughter loves dogs. Ever since she  could talk she has been asking for us to get her a dog.

Every time we say...maybe someday. It will take a long time for my dog hating husband to be talked into such a purchase...but we don't tell her that.  Actually I shouldn't be too hard on my husband because hate is a strong word. He just really dislikes everything that comes along with a dog...the smell and the dirty fur and the slobber that makes him want to wash his hands. He does like some long as they aren't his. So until our kids can care for a dog, we won't be getting one.

So my sweet little girl had a play date with a friend yesterday. We arrived at their home to find that they added a new addition to their a adorable dog. I knew immediately this could be bad news for me. Riley spent the whole time at their house in the backyard playing with the dog, putting her leash on and running around the pool and feeding her treats. But her smiles quickly turned to sadness when it was time to leave. 

She came into the house  and cuddled up to me with a frown on her house. I inquired what was wrong and the following conversation ensued:

"Mommy, why can't we get a dog?"
"Honey.....we'll get a dog someday."
"But why can't we get a dog now?"
"Because you'll be getting something better in just a few weeks."
Riley gives me the sad face.
"what's that?"
"You'll be getting a baby brother"
"But Mommy, you can't walk a baby!"
I smile trying to get her to smile....., "Sure you can honey, we can just put him in a stroller and push him along on a walk."

By now..It thought for sure a smile would break across her face.

But no......her reply was this,

"But Mommy, you can't walk a baby with a leash!!!"

huh, nope, I guess you can't.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Things I love #2.

I LOVE this bush.

Yes, I know it's silly...but yesterday and today I couldn't stop being thankful for this very bushy, thorny ugly bush, and I will love it til the day I die.

Why you ask.

Because Wednesday night as I was rushing out of the house  I fell off the porch backwards into these bushes.

And this particular bush caught my big ole pregnant self (if you look carefully, you can see where my arse broke the bush).

So instead of a broken back and possibly putting myself into pre-term labor, this wonderful, beautiful and generous bush gave me scratches and bruises.

Thank you Bush. I love you!

An Apology my last post I made a comment that I make no apologies.....

but today I do.

While my "crazy pregnant" post was one that was said in sarcastic humor and meant to be's been brought to my attention that it can be read with insensitivity and can be hurtful to those who do have large families.

So I apologize. I meant no harm and in no way was i trying to be demeaning in what I wrote.
I was just trying to make funny of a situation many can relate to....and I realize that in re-reading my post that it can be taken in a mean way.  So I am really sorry if I offended anyone.

However.....with  that being said....I was referring exclusively to  the Duggar Family with 18 kids. (even though in my post I didn't really make that clear)

Do I still think they are crazy?


But that's because we all have crazy in us.

My crazy just won't manifest itself in being pregnant 18 times. It will probably be something even crazier.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

They MUST be on Crack

So I might...
No, actually, I will get lambasted for this post.

But seriously.....women who are pregnant over 8 times (give or take a few) have to be on crack.

This is my third pregnancy...and honestly, I am OH SO over it.
Who in their right mind would WANT to be pregnant that many times?? They say it's cause they want a big family. My response....

"Then Adopt!"

They say it's because they LOVE being pregnant and it's so wonderful. My response....

'You are Lying!!"

I just heard of that show where the family just had their 18th baby...and they have been quoted saying they want more. My response.....


Unless  you look like this....

Then there is no way a woman in her right mind would want to be pregnant that many times.

I make no apologies here..... there is no comment on this post that will make me think otherwise.

There...I said it.....

even if it's tongue in cheek...I said it. There are many other responsible reasons for my opinion.....but I won't get all serious on ya.....I'll just leave it with this very judgmental comment.....

Those women are CRAZY!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dear Obama......Here's An Idea...

Today in the Associated Press it announced that Obama has already raised $27 Million for Inaugural Festivities and that they will have no problem reaching $40.

Cough. Cough.

$27 Million?


I think I am having a hard time with this one.

Yes, I get that it's the President's inauguration.

Yes, I understand that THIS particular inaugural will be historic.

I get it! I get it!

But can't it be something more like $1million?

I mean, the most lavish of weddings cost around $300,00- $500,00 right? Can we add in another $500,000 just for security (maybe more...I have no idea what security costs) and call it a day?

I realize that presidents in the past have spent this amount of money....but I guess I am having a harder time with this one simply because of a phrase Obama used during his campaign,

"I am my brother's Keeper"

I believed in this phrase and I believe that he means it.

So how does one go about being okay with spending $27 million on just a party when our country is struggling through tough economic times?

How does one be okay spending this amount of money when there are people on the other side of the world who don't have clean water?

Why do people give so much money for a party...when it can go to better our country.......and our world?

My questions can go on and on.

I say, let's make our country a better place....THEN let's throw a party.

I know it's not that simple.....but I think Obama's inaugural festivities would have so much more of an impact....and would be even more so historic......if he planned a simple party.

A party with out all the fluff.....and instead did something with the millions and millions of monetary donations to help along "his brother".

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Boat

The other night while driving home my kids started asking me questions about how i will deliver their little baby brother. I have explained before a few times the two ways a babies is born, naturally and by c-section. 

So when asked again how baby brother would come out, I said  hopefully naturally.

To this my 5 year old daughter replied, 

"Will he come out in a boat or will he just swim out?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Things I Love- #1

I love to read people's blogs. It's so much fun. And I have to admit it that I love when they come up with something creative that tells me a little bit about the writer. One of my most recent finds is a blog of a friend of a friend and i find her very funny, artsy and well....funny. On her blog she has what's called "I think it's perfectly normal". In these random posts she tells us a little something about herself in a very fun way. I think I laugh every time I read one of the "perfectly normal" posts. It's bring a bit of sunshine into my day.
So instead of making a resolution for the new year that would probably be broken by the end of week one....I thought, why not do something like "it's perfectly normal" ?

So my list, for now until I can come up with something better (if you have ideas....comment my way), is called, "Things I love".

These random posts will be things that I absolutely love, that are probably completely unnecessary to living life, but things I wouldn't want to live without. These are things that could vie for the top spot on the "if you could take one thing with you....what would it be?" List.

So here goes........

I absolutely love my Uggs.  Their soft cushy insides bring joy to my toesies in a way that no other slipper does. They don't slip off and sound like you are shuffling down the hospital hallway. They are also double agents of their  kind. They act like slippers, but once put on and walked into the real world they pass as regular shoes. 

What other shoe does that?

So I ask......Who doesn't want their feet to be surrounded by such sheer coziness that can be used as an accessory to PJ's AND cute Jeans?