The Loves of My Life

The Loves of My Life

Friday, January 16, 2009

An Apology my last post I made a comment that I make no apologies.....

but today I do.

While my "crazy pregnant" post was one that was said in sarcastic humor and meant to be's been brought to my attention that it can be read with insensitivity and can be hurtful to those who do have large families.

So I apologize. I meant no harm and in no way was i trying to be demeaning in what I wrote.
I was just trying to make funny of a situation many can relate to....and I realize that in re-reading my post that it can be taken in a mean way.  So I am really sorry if I offended anyone.

However.....with  that being said....I was referring exclusively to  the Duggar Family with 18 kids. (even though in my post I didn't really make that clear)

Do I still think they are crazy?


But that's because we all have crazy in us.

My crazy just won't manifest itself in being pregnant 18 times. It will probably be something even crazier.


Kristi said...

although i am crazy with 2 kids and can't imagine having 18 kids... i do see that people with large families seem to do okay because the kids start taking care of each other. that might not be parenting at its best either...but sometimes it doesn't seem all that bad.

Anonymous said...

You are cute.

I have had 6 kids they are wonderful, my pregnancies were not too bad (although in the moment I am sure I would have disagreed) and now the rewards are just endless.

Our big family is fun and loving and soon we will have grandchildren join us. That is the blessings of eternity and why God told us in the bible to "multiply and replenish the earth" - he knew it would make us happy.

I don't think most people are the Duggars but for them it worked.
Some people think we are - they use the word amazing but I know they mean - crazy (ha ha) with 6 kids. But for us it is the greatest.

Good luck with your pregnancy:)

A Friend