The Loves of My Life

The Loves of My Life

Friday, January 16, 2009

Things I love #2.

I LOVE this bush.

Yes, I know it's silly...but yesterday and today I couldn't stop being thankful for this very bushy, thorny ugly bush, and I will love it til the day I die.

Why you ask.

Because Wednesday night as I was rushing out of the house  I fell off the porch backwards into these bushes.

And this particular bush caught my big ole pregnant self (if you look carefully, you can see where my arse broke the bush).

So instead of a broken back and possibly putting myself into pre-term labor, this wonderful, beautiful and generous bush gave me scratches and bruises.

Thank you Bush. I love you!


paul thomas said...

It is a very fine bush and we shall now honor it always.

Dionne Sincire said...

you should bronze that bush...and then you should bronze your arse. i'm sure they make a fitting pair. :)

seriously tho.., i am extremely grateful to hear that and baby are doing well. :)

Dionne Sincire said...

that should read , YOU and baby.

Heidi said...

Oh wow - I'm glad you didn't get seriously hurt! God bless that little bush... Be careful!

Kristi said...

this is the most i've heard

"i love this bush"

"thankful for bush"

"bush saved me"

etc... in about 8 years. Just an interesting observation....

Diane Davis said...

HA HA! Good one, Kristi!

The Reverend's Lover said...

hee hee - t'sall very funny!! you girls make me laugh!!