The Loves of My Life

The Loves of My Life

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

In Case You Didn't Notice

I'm having a hard time bloggin lately for several different reasons.

Time. Don't have much.

Lack of Inspiration. too busy.

But mostly I have been thinking its all very narcissistic. blogging friends....I don't mean you, because frankly, I like reading other people's stuff when I have the time.

But I have been having very funny feelings about the reasons why I blog.
I first started because I wanted to have a place where I could say honest things about me, ministry, kids and life in general. But when I try to blog I have started to edit myself.

Don't want to ruffle the feathers.
Don't want people to worry.
That might be taken the wrong way.

and then I ask...why am I writing this? is it all about me?

I just don't know.

and I'm stuck.

Maybe I'll be unstuck soon.

But I don't know....we'll see.


Sargarepa said...

I think of blogging as public journaling, which means that yes, clearly, we have to censor sometimes (if we don't want to alienate readers). But, I also view it as something I'm writing for myself...maybe for my kids to read in the future (did you know you can make bound books from your blogs now?) I'm more motivated to write publicly in a journal than I am to write privately because of a potential audience and feedback, but it isn't the driving force behind my writing....And that said, I'm a big hypocrite because I haven't blogged in months.

Anyway, I know I would like to get back to blogging because it's a good discipline for me and a less shallow to communicate than by facebook status updates, which is what I have resorted to lately.

I hope you decide to rejoin the blogging world!

aurelia said...

I know what you mean about it feeling narcisistic (I'm not going to look up the spelling). (And of course busy & uninspired too - I haven't written anything for months) But then I read other people and get really inspired by theirs and it doesn't feel like they are being nar... And it's cool to be able to look back at your past entries. (That's why I started mine, to have a record for myself.) So consider it something you are writing down for yourself and if people are interested they'll read it too. If they aren't- they won't. I always like reading what you write, Jen! (When I have the time to get on the computer, that is ;)

Don Reynolds said...

I think you are being a mite hard on yourself. I also think you are overthinking. Ever watch Fraser on the telly?

Writing is an art form. If you were painting or sculpting, would you be having these same thoughts?

As far as editing what you write, that all depends upon what types you want to be reading what you write. It also depends upon how strongly you feel about something. Do you feel secure enough in what you write that you can let those who would be offended to go ahead and be offended?