The Loves of My Life

The Loves of My Life

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


A few weeks ago I found myself behind enemy lines.......

the McDonald's drive-thru.

For many of you that know know that our family doesn't eat at McDonald's. For those of you that don''s a small recap.

About 4-5 years ago Paul and I watched "Super-Size Me" and read "Fast Food Nation". Just from that movie and book we made the decision not to go to McDonald's ever again.

Our decision wasn't so much based on how unhealthy the food was (although, that did help) but based on the the way Mickey D's does their business. We decided we didn't want to give our money to a company that sets such extremely low standards for the fast food industry. They have the biggest influence on the industry and they have made poor decisions in their business making that have badly affected our country's economy and waste line. I won't get on my soap box here....but if you want to know the movie.

So I have been McDonald's Free since then. At first it was hard because those fries just smell so darn good. It got even a little harder when our kids would ask why we couldn't eat there. After explaining to them in a way they could comprehend they finally got it. So much so that when someone took them to McDonald's they told us they didn't think that person cared about other people since they spend their money at the golden arches. (oops!).

So how did I find myself driving alone in the drive-thru?

I was doing a favor for a friend that did a favor for me. She let me borrow her car to go get something I needed, but in return I had to pick up her son's lunch at McD's.

So there I was.....with her money in hand.....and I wasn't "lovin it".

Even though I wasn't spending my money I still felt dirty.

I felt like I was a traitor.

I was even darting my eyes around hoping no one would see me.

But I didn't feel so bad when I ordered a Dr. Pepper for myself.

I was thirsty.......and it was her money not mine.

I'm technically still Mickey D free right?



Rebecca Snavely said...

Watch Food Inc. and you won't eat anywhere anymore! Eric Schlosser, the Fast Food Nation writer, was one of their main consultants.

Proud of you for boycotting!

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha - Good for you!

I hope you have Wal-Mart on your list because they are even worse!

Serena VanDerWoodsen said...

Your just as bad as Maria Shriver talking on her Cell Phone!!! How dare you!!! Hahaha...J/K JW... XOXO, JLo

Alicia O. & the gang said...

Hey ladies (and maybe gentlemen)...please don't take this as an attack! Not sure how I got to this blog, but I your post and had to comment. From someone who knows A LOT about McDonalds, has watched the movie and done A LOT of research on her own..I have to say I am bummed. Bummed that you think it's a restaraunts fault for things like peoples waist lines. The company iteslf is not perfect..nor are many. But they treat employees very well, have great benefits and for the most part, good business practices. Do they sell to a crow that want thier goods..YES. Dont' most business' that stay in business...YES! Hey...I'm not always 'lovin' it' there either...5lbs here or there...but it's my choice to eat there. Just as it's your choice not to. But as another commenter said...there are worse (eh hem...WALMART). But...I'm not judge (just a person..whose husband happens to make a living working for said company McDonalds..and has for over 15 years) and I don't judge you for your opinions or choices. Just another viewpoint! Enjoy your blog though...glad I 'stumbled over'!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

The Unlikely Pastor's Wife said...

Thanks Anonymous...I need to get back in the saddle again.

Alicia- Thanks for coming to my blog and caring enough to leave a comment. I definitely didn't feel your comment was an attack, I appreciate very much the tone you used.
I do want yo to know that yes....there are worse....I boycott Walmart as well. IT's hard cuz I like to be thrifty and walmart is cheap....but at whose cost? (buts that a whole another blog) I don't entirely blame McDonalds for our country's one is holding a gun to your head when you decide to supersize. But I will say that because they are THE single most influential company in the fast food business I do hold them somewhat responsible. Walmart and McDonalds are the biggest buyers of Meat and chicken and apples. Since you have done your research you know what horrible shape the meat, chicken and farming industry are in. It would be nice since they have the most influence that they could help change the standards.(and maybe they are trying now..)
I'm not knocking all of McDonalds....there are good people there (as well as at Walmart) and they do some good opinion is just based mostly on how they get their food, what they do to it and the how it affects the population on all fronts.
On another note....I don't vocalize my boycott all over the place and I don't ridicule those that go you's one's opinion and choice and who am I to judge? Especially since I do go to other fast food (and they are probably just as bad!)