The Loves of My Life

The Loves of My Life

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Re-Cap

So after I wrote my last blog I rode my bike down to 2nd street to pick up a gift card for my sisters birthday. The store wasn't open yet, so I decided to waste time by browsing in "The Children's Place".

Wrong Move.

They were having a big sale.

On their spring dresses.

and I have a gift card.

I walked around the store thinking about how cute my little
 Riley would look in that dress....or how handsome Jeremiah would be in that vest. 

Luckily, I didn't get too caught up in the moment. Some how I snapped myself out of it....and walked out of the store empty handed.

It's all so easy. I realize my last blog could read a  bit scathing towards others' Easter traditions.....but I needed it. I easily can be distracted. I was glad I wrote that blog though...because I put my conviction out there for others to see. I knew if I showed up on Sunday in brand new outfits with my kids toting their new baskets- I would be put into check by my friends  (at least I hope my girls would keep me in check) AND my husband. 
And mostly...I would be missing the point.

Easter was wonderful this year. I spent time at the breakfast table sharing with the kids why we weren't doing baskets this year......and they were so okay with it. (in fact one didn't even notice they were missing). We spent time talking about what Easter means and why it's so important to us as Christians. 

I didn't worry about what they wore, (okay...not true....Miah got dressed in play clothes and I told him to go change into a nice shirt), and I didn't think about the perfect Family Easter picture. I just enjoyed the morning, sang kid praise songs with the kids on the way to church....
and loved being with my "family" while praising God for his sacrifice.

And even when I saw all the beautiful Easter outfits...especially this one, I didn't sigh. 
I recognized it's my conviction and I was happy with the decision I made.

On another was quite the busy week. Jeremiah turned 8, the Angels had opening day and Wes turned 7 weeks old.
Here's a few pics to recap the week.

Opening Day of the Angels Game. 
We didn't make it to the game, but we dressed in our attire and
  drank RED juice for dinner in  honor of the halos.

Special moment

Miah's birthday breakfast.

Wes giving me the business.


Brazenlilly said...

I'm glad you posted what you did, too. I didn't feel you were shaming other Christians if they/we got cute Easter clothes or baskets, just making your conviction this year public. You are right...if you hadn't posted it, it would have been much easier to back down from! It encouraged me to scale back and reminded me to remind my family that Easter is not for eggs and bunnies. Plus, your family looks beautiful! (I'm so jealous you can wear sundresses and shorts. We may have cute outfits, but we have to cover them up with raincoats and umbrellas.)

aurelia said...

I love all the pictures - in the Easter one you can see your 5 halos above your heads. In the red - I wouldn't cross those Angels fans for anything! ;). Love the pictures of Wes - so sweet with Riley.

Kristi said...

Yeah! That sounds like a fun week and your family looks A-DORABLE!!!!

BTW... I'm so over the eggs. Hate them. We didn't do baskets either, but trust me, they got enough from everyone and everywhere else. Our house looks like the easter bunny threw up in it.

In other news...I did buy dresses, but at a second hand store for super cheap. But I didn't do dressy this year...they were more just summer dresses that they could wear all summer long.

More than ever, I just wanted them to understand how important this day was for us.

We were listening to a song today 'WE SHINE' and there is a line that says "We are the redeemed we are the ones who've been set free...and we belong to Jesus." And Haley asked me what that meant...I just love watching the story of Christ and the story of our redemption unfold in their lives. It has been one of my greatest joys as their mom.