The Loves of My Life

The Loves of My Life

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm Not Buying Into it

This past Sunday I sat down at our table to enjoy some breakfast and the Sunday Paper before starting the whirlwind of getting ready for church. My favorite part of Sunday's paper is ....don't laugh......the Target Circular.  Yep...ever since I was a teenager I have been opening the paper to find my slice of shopper heaven. I love to peruse the circular for good sales and any "must need" (read "must want") items.

This past Sunday was no different. I opened the paper to find Target's Easter edition  circular.

I smiled as I glanced at the front page....the spring colors make me so happy. But as I continued turning the smile turned to a grimace and I quietly began cursing consumerism.  Every page was filled with all kind of sales enticing the buyers to get the perfect Easter gift or Easter outfit  for their child.

Since when did Easter become Christmas?

I'm sure it has slowly happened over time....but the marketing for Easter is turning into another   "Buy me and forget what the holiday is really about" event.

It makes my stomach turn- even though  I had already bought the kids their Easter things (they need those sand toys- REALLY! They did), I can't believe  how much we,Or maybe I should say....I can't believe how much I have bought into the idea that we need to get gifts and the perfect outfit for Easter.  

We are losing the meaning of Easter.  As it is, Easter is second rate to Christmas......and it shouldn't be. Easter is the reason why I go to church every's the reason why I continue to love others and basically...the reason why I get up in the morning.

Someone freakin' died for me....and then....he became alive 3 days later. He beat that I can live with him for eternity. He didn't bring me chocolates.....he brought me his body and blood. He didn't wear a chiffon dress or a 3 piece suit.....but a rag, a simple cloth to cover the niceties.
His gift was life.......and I can't buy that in any Target circular.

So yes- I have been on a high horse this week. 
I am refusing to buy my kids Easter outfits for church. They have plenty of clothes. 
I am refusing to make a basket for them. They get plenty of candy every other day as well as baskets from grandparents.
I am refusing to buy them toys- (although, I already bought the sand toys......)
I am refusing to buy into all this Easter stuff.'s cute and it's fun and I'm sure on Sunday when I see all the pretty dresses and suits I will sigh and wish I would have gotten the kids something new, but I think it will help me to remember.......
it will help me to remember why I am not buying into the American Easter.....

It will help me remember the Resurrection.


Sharyl said...

You go Jen! You are totally right. To steal a line from Christmas, "Jesus is the reason for the Season."

The Reverend's Lover said...

Well I was on my way out to grab a few pastel colored treats - but you've just made me re-think it. I 150% agree with you.

Stephanie said...

Well said!

Brazenlilly said...

"Someone freakin' died for me!" Best line ever! Good for you and let's not ever stop reminding each other not to get sucked in.

Heidi said...

Thanks for reminder Jen. It was well-timed and very much needed...

Thanks again!

Dionne Sincire said...

great reminder. i know it's seems weird, but easter eggs really do remind me of resurrection. the outer shell symbolizes the tomb where christ was buried. the hard boiled egg represents christ. he was buried in the tomb, but when the shell is cracked and the egg is removed, i remind my girls that he rose. he didn't stay buried in the tomb. :0)

Kristi said...

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. I was just saying this same thing to a friend this week...I'm so confused on all these ads telling me my kid needs a new bike for Easter? HUH????

Thank you for writing so beautifully what my heart has been sensing for so long.

nancy said...

Jen, I read this a few days ago and it really impacted me. I have thought about it quite a bit since then. Thanks for the reminder.

Your Son's Teacher said...

This was wonderful, Jen!!! Thank you for so perfectly saying what we all have been feeling!! Thank you for the reminder of the meaning of Easter and doing it in such a powerful way!!
God Bless!