The Loves of My Life

The Loves of My Life

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Quiet does not equal Peace

You know your baby is a 3rd child when.....

You give them everything under the sun to eat before 12 months old.

You don't even try putting on shoes before they can walk. What's the point?

You turn a blind eye when a friend slips your baby a piece of a cookie or a french fry. Why deprive them? ( don't turn a blind eye when they try to sneak them a lollipop-that's too crazy...even for you)

at 10 months old he loves peanut butter.

You don't panic leaving them alone in a room.

You don't child proof your house....they'll eventually figure out how to open it anyway.

You realize the quiet doesn't mean means poop or trouble....or maybe both.

You practically run away when you drop them off with a sitter.

Schedules? what schedules? it's all thrown out the window when you gotta pick up the older kids.

You don't feel the need to play with them every second. A little alone playtime is good for the soul. (theirs & yours)

You don't introduce foods try it at the dinner table every night for entertainment.

Crying becomes white noise.

Practical items like toothbrushes and tupperware are toys rather than the new bright & shiny toys from the store.

You don't feel the need to dress them up when all they are gonna do is stay at home. Jammie days are good days. (for them & you)

They spend more time in the car seat than their own crib.

You don't care if other people reading this might think you are lazy and know it's just truth.

You allow your baby to do things like this....and you think it's funny:


Heidi said...

This post is brilliance in its purest form. LOVED every word of it!!

DFW said...

So, true!!!! Liam is outside right now, in the soggy grass, eating leaves and dirt. He is in a sweatshirt in 45 degree weather. LOL He is so happy it is awesome. I very much enjoy not being as crazy OCD with him as I was with the girls. Lilajane had more shoes than I did and they color matched her outfits!

DFW said...

Just realized my comment came out from DFW??? It should have read Lisa Cook. :-)

Diane Davis said...

"crying becomes white noise"... howling!

Carrie said...

This post is so hilarious because it is so true. The poor first child is bound to be neurotic in comparison with subsequent children. Love it!

Rebecca Snavely said...

"for entertainment" says it all. Hilarious.

erika said...

Lol, now I know what you've been up to for the last year! You probably have SO MANY blog posts in your head screaming to get out!!

GrammyE said...

Being a third child and having had a third child, I can attest that in spite of...or because of??? mom's "negligence" or relaxed attitude, we turned out pretty durned good! Absolutely loved your post. Write on!