The Loves of My Life

The Loves of My Life

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Sign Said, "I Want My Own Elf."

Last Saturday night I went on a date with my 7 yr old, Jeremiah. His sister was at a sleepover and his daddy was in Texas so it was just me and him. He had been feeling a little left out earlier in the day when Riley and her friend were talking about their big night. So I talked up our date and told him we were gonna have a a great night.

Dinner was his choice......and he chose good ole' In-N-Out.

Then I took him to Gamestop. Jeremiah loves computer games and his Wii. He is a very simple boy. We have had the Wii for 6 months with only one game and one controller....but he is perfectly happy with it, and has never asked for a new game. I remembered him saying last week that he wanted to put one (yes...only one) game on his Christmas list. It was the widely loved game....MarioKart.
The thing with MarioKart is there is a wheel you can buy as well. It makes for a more "real experience" when playing the game since you driving with an actual wheel. But as Jeremiah told me a few days prior, it's not can play with just the regular controller.

Well we walked into Gamestop....which is fun in itself since we never go there. There are lots of games to look at and you can even try out the new games on their PSP's or Wii's.
I told Jeremiah that our date was to see if we could find a used game he might like and then we could go home and play together.

Smiles and excitement followed.

After a while of looking at games, Miah asked the guy if he had any used MarioKart games.
The salesman....obviously very good at his job, found one for him and also pointed out that they had brand new ones that came with the actual wheel...but was more money. (duh!)

So we had a decision....the new one with the wheel or the used one with no wheel? Inside I was sad because the budget called for the used one and I didn't know how to break that to him.

After a few moments I said, 'Well buddy, let's talk about what we should do."
So Jeremiah thought...and here was his response....
"Mommy, it would be nice to have the new one with the wheel, but I don't want you to spend that much money on me."

um....I am sure the people in the store saw me melting right there on the spot.

I grabbed Jeremiah in my arms and with a big squeeze I told Jeremiah I loved him and I would love to get him the brand new one.

Here is a boy who rarely wants anything. He's not a boy who needs or wants much. He's happy and content with all that he has. Sure, he's a kid and there are times he really wants something.....but it doesn't happen often. He is also such a good boy. He's kind and gentle.....and such a good listener and he never complains or whines when I bring something home for Riley.

So why not reward him with something he wants but knows he doesn't need and is okay with not having it?

So we bought the new one and we went home and had a blast staying up late and playing MarioKart.

The next day I walked into Old Navy and all of their marketing is a hook for Christmas shopping. It all starts with, " I want...."
There was even one slogan that said, "I want my own elf".

and I thought to myself...the world could use more Jeremiahs.......


Heidi said...

What a great story (even though it made me a little teary!). He sounds like a really great kid.

I let out a littl "yessss" when I read that you got him the new one with the wheel.

So sweet...

Kristi said...

I'm totally crying. I love him. I've been having a lot of conversations lately about being content with what we have instead of "I want this I want that...." Hmmm...maybe we need a playdate with Jeremiah. :)

The Reverend's Lover said...

okay that tops the list of goosebumps-and-lump-in-throat stories.

good memory making mum.

Brazenlilly said...

Love it. Love him. Never met him, but I love him. Not to get Suzie Spiritual on you, but sometimes I think it must delight God when we are genuinely grateful for our blesings, and make him excited to give us more. Oh, and BTW, are you set up with the Wii online? Did you know we can race mariokart against each other from Oregon and Cali? :)

The Unlikely Pastor's Wife said...

No I had no idea...that sounds really cool. Tell me how to sign up...and then I'll take you on...I love baby mario!

Diane Davis said...

i got the tingles on this story. what a sweet boy you have. and what a great mom he has. not because you bought him the new game, but because you are so aware of his character and because you love spending time with him. great story.

Brazenlilly said...

OK, I have to confess, we just got our wii about 3 days ago and we haven't set it up to do the online thing...I've just done it at friends' houses. But we plan to do it soon and once I figure out the steps I'll email ya. :)

sargarepa said...

I love this story. Very sweet.

Jeff & Jenn Kliewer said...

Sending a HUGE hug to Jeremiah....and his wonderful mommy!

Sarah said...

Sweet, Jen. Times like that are reinforcing that winsome character in your little man ... ! You are an incredible momma.

edie said...

What a great way to start my morning. You have such a sweet and sensitive soul on your hands. I hope I can raise Lucy to have that level of sensitivity and contentment with the world around her. Thanks for sharing, Jen.