The Loves of My Life

The Loves of My Life

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Getting Back To Things That Really Matter


lol. Just kidding.

But many of you out there are watching good tv? I enjoy entertainment and in this day there are so many quality shows out there. I know I have to be picky about the shows I watch due to the amount of time I have.

When I pick a show it has to be better than good. Yes, I can be somewhat of a TV snob (even though I have one or two guilty pleasures).

I also read about critically acclaimed shows ( like Mad Men and The Closer) so I am knowledgeable in discussions about them. There are even many shows I wished I could watch...but my time and previous loyalties don't allow it. I am hoping to catch them on DVD sometime....(3rd Rock here I come).

So here is my list of shows that I love....and want you to love too:

1. Friday Night Lights- I am a HUGE fan of this show. The quality of writing, editing and filming is some of the best I think is on TV. I also think that the relationship between Coach and his Wife is the best depiction of a real and healthy marriage I have ever seen on television. The acting is high caliber not only with the stars but with supporting characters as well. It's not perfect by any means...but I think America is missing out on this show. It's good stuff- funny, heartbreaking, messy, and real (except for the murder storyline-but even in that it was well acted).

2. The Office- I must confess I heart Jim & Pam, but they aren't why I watch this show. It's just brilliantly funny. The Office is awkward humor at it's best.

3. Gossip Girl- this may not be critically acclaimed and high caliber tv....but I did say I have one guilty pleasure....and this is it. I love how they can layer bitchiness with heart. There are things I don't like about this show....but there are some things they do pretty their cunning plots to take someone down. I didn't know people could be so bad.

4. The Big Bang Theory- I know I blogged about this show here earlier, but really....this show is genius. It is the funniest sitcom on tv right now. No one makes me laugh as hard as Sheldon does.

Here are a few shows I like....but mostly watch out of loyalty:

1. Grey's Anatomy- The first two seasons just sucked me in. They were so rich and so great. The last two seasons have left me wanting....but I like a good comeback, so I am hoping Shonda will turn this show around.

2. Ugly Betty- Honestly...sometimes this show annoys me...but Marc & Amanda are hilarious as well as Marc & Willemenia have some of the greatest lines on tv today.

3. Heroes- I am getting impatient with this show. I think it started out brilliantly....but it has tried to do too much. I loved how the first season was all about ordinary people with powers and stories of how they dealt with them in their everyday lives. Now it's just heroes turning bad, then back to good then into a villain then into good again. I am so confused....aren't you?

And here is the show I desperately want to love...I will even settle for like:

1. The Fringe- Joshua Jackson.....need I say more? I wanted to love this show. It is created by one of my favorites.....JJ Abrams....and it stars one of my favorite young actors....Joshua Jackson. But over time I have found myself more annoyed with it than loving it. Here's why. The lead tries too hard to be Sydney Bristow/Jennifer Garner in Alias. But the problem is she never smiles. She's not a happy person...and she is not relate-able at all. I don't think the writing is all that great either . Sure- there are some great one liners....but for the most part, it all seems recycled. Paul and I can practically guess spot on what they will say or what will happen next. It's too predictable. I am also very frustrated that at times they use Lost's signature music. It doesn't make the show more just makes me wish January was here so we could watch an episode of Lost. Also, they need to make me care about the characters more...right now I am apathetic. And finally...They need to use Joshua Jackson more (he's hot!)....and I don't mean as a romantic lead with the Olivia.

So looking back at the shows I watch I am realizing that some of the stuff I watch may have to go to make room for shows I have been wanting to take on...... like House, Mad Men, Chuck and 3rd Rock.

What about you? What do you love? what do you like and what do you wish you could watch?


Stephanie said...

I would recheck your first sentence about Grey's Anatomy. I know it's a good show..but I'm not sure it can do THAT. :))

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with your assessment of Heroes and Fringe (except for that whole Joshua Jackson thing...)

Alli said...

The Office is the best! And my guilty pleasure (don't tell anyone) is America's Next Top Model. I know it's ridiculous, but what are you gonna do, right? That's really all I have time for most weeks. When I have some free time and the boys are in bed, I sometimes watch recorded episodes of Oprah and the Doctors! :) I'd never heard of The Big Bang before this post. Funnier than the Office?! I'll have to check that one out.

Heidi said...

Hi I'm Heidi and I stalk your blog. :)

Your selections are good - with one glaring omission: LOST.

I think Lost is the best show ever (except for Star Trek The Next Generation and Little House on the Prairie).

becky K. said...

finally a topic I'm passionate about.. lol I'm in LOVE with Fri.Night lights.I can't refuse a red headed boy who loves the trashy blonde. The Closer- another favorite. CSI- Vegas!! I've been a fan from the beginning. I cry more when i watch this show then any other. Chuck- Something my mom and I watch and laugh about. Fringe had me excited at the beginning but that chick is so annoying. I love me some Sydney Bristow. Mad Men is addicting but so darn sad. Bums me out for hours afterwards. I'll stop here. I could go on and on. How did I live without Tivo?

The Unlikely Pastor's Wife said...

Hi heidi and welcome to my blog, I love stalkers and I love to stalk even more, so feel free to stalk anytime :-)

Yes. Lost is one of the best dramas ever. Period. I should have clarified that I was talking about the fall tv shows. I left Lost off the list due to it's hiatus until January. (which won't come soon enough). You'll notice though that I gave it a shout out in talking about The Fringe.
I love Lost and it gets the top of my love list in January. :-)

edie said...

Fun post, Jen. Ditto on the Office. I love a good cop show and recently I've become a fan of Life. I like a show with some closure after each episode. There's a story line that keeps going throughout the series but the cases close. I can't handle the stress of a show like 24 or Lost - I'd lose way too much sleep. I just got The Wire from Netflix so I'm anxious to check that out, too.

I also have to agree with Heidi on The Little House on the Prairie. Best show ever.

Sarah Burgess said...

The Office and 30 Rock = The

May I also suggest "Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team, Season 3." I watch this with gives her something to aspire to. Kidding.

Diane Davis said...

Yikes. Out of your entire list I've only ever seen Greys a few times and The Office every week. I've never watched any of the other ones, and I have never seen an episode of Lost.

Since I can't contribute to this conversation, maybe I should just go back to commenting about politics? Kidding.


Heidi said...

Diane, you could post a comment about West Wing (even though it's not on anymore). TV and politics all wrapped up in one neat little package!

Jen - SO glad to know that Lost is on your list. : )

I noticed that no one agreed with me on Star Trek The Next Generation. Sigh... I will continue my efforts to convince the world of the true magnificance of this show. I fear it will be a long road frought with many challenges...

Momma Samul said...

I have to agree with some of your choices. Grey's, Ugly Betty, Heroes. One you really should make room for is Chuck. I love that show. Along with Private Practice. I'll have to check out the others, I'll need to write it down because I'll definitely won't remember.

Your long lost grade school friend,


jenni said...

hi jen! we have very similar taste :) i LOVE friday night lights. nobody else seems to share it with me. and my new secret obsession is gossip girl. ha ha! seth HATES it! we also watch LOST and the office. oh and ofcourse grey's. we were also super into hero's before this season. now it is just too confusing. i think i fall asleep every time we watch it. ..have you seen the new 90210?? kelly and brenda are on it.

The Unlikely Pastor's Wife said...

Hey Jenni-
No I don't want the new 90210. I watched the first two episodes and I found it boring. Gossip Girl is far superior. You know how it is...once you have had the good stuff, it's hard to stomach anything else. lol. Plus I liked the old version and I found myself just wanting the old characters to come back.

Sarah-don't watch Private practice. I tried two episodes of that and all I can say is Addison needs to go back to Grey's ;-)

Heidi- not a big Trekkie fan...but I have been dying to see Battlestar Galactic. I heard its a superb show (even if it's off the air now).

Edie- I have The Wire in my queue as well. It probably will be a show I watch when others are on hiatus.

Sarah B- LOL. you make me laugh. OF course you watch "DCC: Making The Team" . I think that's awesome. Next time you are in Cali I expect some new moves from the show :-)