The Loves of My Life

The Loves of My Life

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jeremiah = Sheldon

Do any of you watch the Big Bang Theory on Monday Nights?

Paul and I do.

My friend turned me onto the show last fall when she claimed one of the characters reminded her of Jeremiah. So I tuned in.....after watching two shows and hearing me bust a gut from the other room, Paul began to join me.

Paul doesn't watch much TV outside of sports, The Office and for him to "pick up" another show is a big deal.

Every Monday we sit down together and watch The Big Bang Theory. It really is one of the more funny sitcoms on TV right now. Out of the 4 shows it has aired this season, 3 of them had me laughing so hard that I continued laughing during the commercial break (or actually the fast forward on the DVR).

Our favorite character is Sheldon. He is bit of an Asperger's type personality. He's a genius that's anal but lacks serious social skills....which makes for funny FUNNY moments.

There are times when I see Jeremiah in this character.....or maybe the future of Jeremiah. The past episode illustrated this thought even more clearly. Sheldon had to fake being happy......and forced a "happy" smile on his face for the good of his friend. This is the exact smile Jeremiah gives when asked to smile for a picture. Scary how similar it is.

Another characteristic Jeremiah and Sheldon share is their lack of understanding sarcasm.
Here's a conversation I had with Jeremiah yesterday morning.

M-"Jeremiah, try on those shoes" (pointing to a pair of black sneakers i just got out of the closet.
J- "ok"
10 seconds later
M- "Miah try on those shoes please"
J- "OOHH, these shoes?" (pointing to the only pair of shoes in front of him, or even in his sight)
M- " No, Jeremiah....the red shoes."
J- "Mom, I don't see any red shoes."
M " I was being sarcastic, yes, those shoes."
J- " what does sarcastic mean?"
M- "Jeremiah you have to untie the shoe and undo the velcro to get your foot in the shoe.
J- "ohhhhh, ok."

Did I mention he is in 2nd grade......and his teacher wants to put him in a third grade gate class cuz he's so smart?

I love Sheldon because he shows me that even in his misunderstanding of sarcasm and his lack of "social graces" he has somehow gathered a community of friends around him that stick by him. These guys love him despite him being completely anal and annoying. And that's a beautiful thing.

So if you are looking for something to watch on Monday nights....or for something that gives you a good belly laugh.....check out the Big Bang probably wont be disappointed......and you just might see the future Jeremiah in there some where.


Brazenlilly said...

That is hilarious! That show AND your connection. Also, I'd love to see more pics of your kids. They are stinkin' cute! My other favorite emotionally constipated character on TV is Temperance Brennan on Bones. But Sheldon is awesome, and you are right...there are friends who will love and support him all his life!

Jodie Howerton said...

That's great...

I just tagged you on my blog, BTW....

Carrie said...

We LOVE the Big Bang Theory! Such a hilarious show! Jeremiah will have a loving group that understand the little things about him and love him more for it. I liked this post.

Kristi said...

Oh Jen...If only you knew how much I LOVE this show. It is so FREAKING funny. And I too love Sheldon, which makes me want to meet Jeremiah all the more. So, when are we hanging out????

Also, one of my favorite memories of sarcasm and the lack of a child's understanding (even though i know our situations are slightly different)...was when Haley was 2 1/2... She was doing something she wasn't supposed to do, and Curtis said, " I love that...Go ahead and do that again and see what happens." He said it twice, and both times she did it. And he got SO mad. I calmly looked over at him and said, "Uh, yeah...I don't think 2 year olds understand sarcasm." :) So needless to say, nothing ever happened.

Cute post...Cute pics...Cute story...Cute family.

Love u.