The Loves of My Life

The Loves of My Life

Saturday, October 4, 2008

I'm a Bad Pastor's Wife

yep....I am.

I currently am at our women's annual retreat. I am so happy to take a break from responsibility and getaway with good friends for the weekend. We are retreating to Desert Hot Springs at a really beautiful location and it's perfect to provide me a serene backdrop for a much needed break.

I was excited for this year's retreat because I had nothing to do with the planning of it. Last year I coordinated the event, and while I loved doing it, i also love not having any responsibility (I am such a slacker). So this weekend I am planning on relaxing.

But during our retreat, we also have a speaker. She is speaking on spiritual disciplines and her actual material is very good. The problem is I am not very engaged.

So being the bad "pastor's wife" I am, I am sitting in my room blogging and meditating (ok...actually napping) while I should be in the conference room listening to the speaker.
Now, not only am I ditching out on the speaker this morning.....but as a small group leader I actually encouraged my group last night-that if they needed more times to themselves- that they didn't have to come to small group. I mean-, our theme is tranquil spirit and if one needs more time to "relax & meditate" I wanted to give them the opportunity to do that.

Luckily, our small group had so much fun last night that I don't think anyone will skip out. And if they do, I will be jealous :-)

So as I am sitting here and reflecting, listening to the power of the Holy Spirit sway through the trees outside on a beautiful sunny, cloudless day, I am thankful.

i am thankful that my husband is not head pastor, he is only the associate at our church. That way I can more easily fly under the radar. I am thankful that when my husband does describe me to the church behind the pulpit he calls me his crazy wife. So in essence. there aren't any high expectations of spirituality and submissive discipline from me. I can happily sit in the back with the girls and I can just be me......and hopefully my disrespectful nature of giggling in the back row won't be too distracting.

Here's a pic of where I am staying


Rebecca Snavely said...

Too often we listen to the 'shoulds' and not to what our soul is crying out for. All our journeys look different, I'm always happy to get a glimpse of others' way, and to see people choosing the best path for them.

Was the hotel that beautiful last year? Great picture.

Kristen said...

Oh boy, I can relate. I can really relate.

Kristi said...

Hey...peace and tranquility is good. You are not a bad pastors wife...

A bad pastors wife would be drunk and sneaking boys into her room instead of listening to the speaker... you are merely blogging and resting.

I'm just could be worse! :o)

Diane Davis said...

KT... who knows about the drunk part, but it was a WOMEN'S RETREAT so there were no boys!

Sounds like good self care, Jen.

I just had one of my "tired of feeling" days and thought of you. I blogged about it and will now hope to be able to let it go so I can sleep.

Thinking of you.


The Reverend's Lover said...

Hope you're having a great time - that place looks so beautiful!

Ours is in a couple of weeks...I am very excited for the getway :)

Be guilt free woman!! :)

edie said...

I've never met a bad pastor's wife I didn't like.

paul thomas said...

Nor have I.

Mimi said...

You are not bad at all. Have you met a pastor's wife who constantly abuses the members verbally. Shows total control of her husband - our pastor. Bringing her worst attitude and shows favoritism in the congregation. Doing everything to ruin the church istead of helping her husband to shepherd the church? God helps us!