The Loves of My Life

The Loves of My Life

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Not So Much Lately

As you have noticed, I haven't blogged much lately.

Its not that I don't have much to say....I actually have alot stored up, but carpal tunnel has laid siege on my wrists and its just not fun sitting at the computer typing.

So I have been avoiding my mind, trying to keep it at bay. 

I actually thought of a new series I might start. It's called, "Things that get me in trouble".

I bet you are going crazy thinking about all the places I could go with that.  You know as a pastors wife, there's lots of things I shouldn't say, but want to. I actually started a post for that series, but had to delete it.....that's how much it would have gotten me in trouble.
Yep.....big trouble. heehee

So until my the pain in my wrists subsides a bit....enjoy the pic of Riley and Wes instead instead.

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Momma Samul said...

You know if you really need to get things off your chest, just send me an email. Hey I've known you since we were 6 so I knew you before you were a pastor's wife. So that cancells out everything. I hope your wrists feel better!

Diane Davis said...

i will admit i've been missing your blog posts. get better and start entertaining me again. :) very cute picture of the kiddos...

Heidi said...

Love the pic - sorry that your wrists/hands are giving you so much trouble. That sucks...

I think you should definitely do the blog series on things that get you in trouble. I think that would be very entertaining!

Feel better soon...

jlynnowetu said...

we need to find you a good nom de plume in order that you can say whatever your brilliant heart and mind desire.
hope your wrists feel better... I feel for ya though... note-taking and paper-writing has given me a little wrist/elbow pain too (we're too young for this!!)
Love you
Love your family

The Reverend's Lover said...

i think we should start an anonymous group blog called...oh let's see..."Pastors Wives Uncensored". I'm so there.