The Loves of My Life

The Loves of My Life

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bottom Biters

I don't know about you, but as an adult I am constantly looking back at who I was as a kid, a teenager, or even young adult and sometimes I smile thinking of good memories, but I also shudder at the judgmental human being I was. I say 'was' because i like to think that I am older,  I have grown, and I have learned from my mistakes. I am more aware of who I am as a disciple and follower of Christ and in that awareness I don't fall into the trappings of passing judgement. But realistically I do, the only difference is that I AM more aware and I find myself walking with my tail between my legs seeking forgiveness a lot more. 

But as I look back,  I am truly horrified sometimes. I think about all the people I have turned away from Christ with my judgement or self righteousness. But mostly I think about those people I cared about that I have hurt.

Then  there are the times that things come around and bite me in the butt and yell "Ha, you shouldn't judge"
Like for instance......
My sister has two kids. Both boys and both are great kids.  When the youngest was younger, around, 6 or 7, he loved Spongebob Squarepants. I mean he loved that show. He has Spongebob slippers, boxers, pj' name it he had it. Now, this wasn't very long ago......probably about 6-7 years ago, right around the time my son Jeremiah was born. And as his aunt, I was horrified my sister would let her impressionable child watch t.v.,  let alone such a "horrible "show. ( I think Dobson a few years back even before this had brainwashed American Christians that Spongebob was the devil...and I sadly believed anything he said then). At the time I told myself that I would NEVER let my children watch such degrading programs on TV. Why? when there are such great things like Baby Einstein and Dora right?

So fast forward to  almost two years ago. Jeremiah was in kindergarten, and we were blessed to have the most amazing teacher for him. She has a son who also has Aspergers and she was such a wonderful loving teacher for Jeremiah, just what he needed. But she was also a great resource for Paul and I.  Jeremiah is very high functioning so we don't qualify for services...and since he  was an out of district student, he didn't qualify to receive services at school either. So his teacher was awesome. She suggested books to read and things to do at home. She also told us about how her son's occupational therapist  watched Spongebob with her son. My first reaction was "WHAT?!?!". But as she explained  how the cartoon illustrated appropriate and inappropriate behavior in a fun way, I began to understand the tool it was to discuss and help some kids, like mine, how to act in certain situations. The light bulb went on and I came home and started tivo-ing the show. 

NOW fast forward to present day. It's a Saturday morning and my son is in his Spongebob pj's watching Spongebob with his little sister....and to hear the laughter coming from the living room makes me smile. Sure...we don't always discuss things after the show......but we have had many good conversations of " you know....when Patrick or Spongebob did this...."
...and when that happens, I feel the bite in my butt.

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