The Loves of My Life

The Loves of My Life

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Pulled The Trigger......

So I started off this post with a ramble of my frustrations with the church institution and  then I stopped....I completely blanked. This usually means God is telling me to shut up. So I did, and deleted it. So instead of a rant on the church you are gonna get an exciting  story of my new washing machine. Yay for you!

 I finally pulled the trigger and bought a new washer. Its taken me a few weeks, lots of research, 2 trip to Lowes, and 3 trips to Home Depot. You see buying anything over $100 is such a HUGE commitment for me. It might as well be like trying to buy a car. Let's face it...I am (for the most part) a stay at home mom with a pastor for a husband.  We are still paying off my college loans (almost done!!!) and still trying to play catch up from an unfortunate incident with our taxes 5 years ago (note- when you are in ministry, make sure you or the church is paying into social security). So the the trust fund isn't plush if ya know what I am saying. I actually hate admitting's a pride thing.  And it's probably  a little too much info because finances are a taboo subject...but hey...I always over why not this subject.

So as I was saying, HUGE commitment to buy a washer. I mean what brand do you get? what model?  Should it be front loader? or a more affordable top loader? should it be an energy star or energy efficient? How many settings do you want? stainless steel basket or plastic?  I mean who knew that there were SO MANY options?

Well I had finally figured it out. I knew the model I wanted and where to get the best bargain. (because it's all about the bargain). SO I went to the Home Depot in Lakewood. I walked right up to the appliance lady and said,  "I want to buy a washer today and I know what I want." For any sales person this should be like the gates of heaven opening up and smiling down on you. But not this lady.  I continued to tell her that what i wanted was a model not currently on the floor but it was an energy star top loader. She looked at me and for the next 5 minutes explained how they can't order anything online and  there are no such things as energy star top loaders anymore. To make a long story short, after I patiently tried to  explain how I just saw it on their site and show her on her computer, she just kept giving me the sighs (yea, those annoying sighs). AND then her computer illiteracy put me over the edge. The girl didn't even know how to navigate the site. When I simply told her to look on the next page, she began to scroll down and click on some other link. AUGH! Yes, I walked out with so much frustration my kids were telling me to slow down and wait for them. Obviously this girl has a hard time selling stuff.

So i went to a different Home Depot and talked to a nice little man named Monty who let me show him what I wanted  and confirmed that they could get it for me.....all in a matter of minutes. But my children were squirly and I was beginning to doubt the kind of washer I decided on. So I left....with no purchase

Hold on there is an end,  I know this is getting a little long. But here's the great thing.......after an hour on my friends computer doing more research and having an anxiety moment at  the local sandwich shop......I marched myself back into home depot and not only purchased my washing machine in a matter of minutes but got all the discounts & rebates I asked for (even when they  weren't participating in one) AND I even got an extra $30 off! 

Then I realized all that anxiety is so silly when there are people in the world who don't even have clothes to wash.......
Thank you God for my clothes, and for my husband's job that pays for above washer.

 if you need some good service...go see Jillian and Monty at the Home Depot in Signal Hill.

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Sarah said...

Ha ha! This post cracks me up ... it's totally me! And if the washer weren't a necessity, I'd likely have not purchased it for several more anxious months!!