The Loves of My Life

The Loves of My Life

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Unlikely Friends

The past few days I have realized that I have a lot of friends that are either pastors or pastors wives. Now this isn't because I get the gold member country club card for pastors. But I went to a small bible college, Pacific Christian College (which now is still now, what i think to be, distastefully called Hope International University) and many of my friends from there are in ministry.
As I think about who they are, I look at them and think......they are a very unlikely pastor/pastor's wife as well. Now, not all of them are that way, there are some who were BORN to be in ministry. They are people with the personality that came out of the womb telling everyone of Jesus' love. And I am so glad that I know them and they are telling people about Jesus, because they are great people. But some of my friends who are pastors or as Lina would say "sleeping with the pastor" are just as unlikely as me. And for that I am grateful.

I don't know where the stereotype comes from, as one of my dear friends asked, but it's there lingering in the churches telling "the chosen ones" what kind of leader they should be, how they should look, act, talk and sometimes what kind of hobbies they should take up.

You see, I don't do "devotionals" every day....hmmmm I don't think I do them period.
I don't listen to Christian radio all day (most of the time it makes me mad).
I will NEVER put a christian symbol/sticker on my car.
And to be honest, I am not the quiet spirited woman that many christian women conferences and books tell us that we should be.
And my unlikely friends? They are pastors & wives who smoke pipes, love a good whiskey, like to go to Vegas, and like to talk about sex as much as they do it.

So there are more of us out there...and I think that the "church" is better for it.

****Disclaimer- if you have a christian symbol or listen to the christian radio, that's great. I don't want to give the impression it's bad...cuz it's not. it's just not for me :)
*****For those of you worried about my spiritual health cuz I am not having a daily devotion.....i am okay. I spend time with God consistently throughout the day. It' s just not in the normal 10 minute devotions format.


juliana said...

You know Christians who have sex AND talk about it?! What? lol.

Kristi said...

um...i hope you consider me one of your unlikely pastor wive friends, because i definitely fall into the category of enjoying a good drink...going to vegas (and does living there for 5 years get me any bonus points?)...and the like.

although, i don't know if curtis really counts since he isn't the guy who speaks. maybe we can just say we are the unlikely couple who would work at a least that is what our non-christian friends say when they say " guys aren't like the other christians...we actually like hanging out with you."

that one always stings a little...

Jen White said...

Krist- absolutely I do !! :) Paul doesn't speak all the time either...that doesn't make him any less of a pastor.
I agree with the sting...I have heard that few times as well...and it makes me really think sometimes.

btw- you get a 100 bonus points for living in vegas. You would get an extra 1000 if you took up pole dancing while you were there :)

Kristi said...

okay then...better go ahead and give me the 1000 bonus points.

Sarah said...

Amen, Jen! I'm thinking I fit in the "unlikely" category ... Phew! Glad to know you and Kristi and many others are out there, sharing this journey.
Incidentally, Phil brews his own beer. You're invited to the next Home Brew-ha-ha!

Jen White said...

awww sarah of course you are :)

whens the next Brew Party? :)

Cassie Bronzan said...

ah! i couldn't agree more. the church is better for these women who come as they all their authenticity. (like you!) i am grateful for these "unlikely" women that i can learn from-- i certainly don't feel like i fit the traditional 'pastor's wife' mold. thank goodness for 'pastor's wives: the new wave'. :)