The Loves of My Life

The Loves of My Life

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Back Online with Some Ramblings

Sorry about the extended blogging vacation, my mind has been mush and not capable of putting together whole thoughts.

It's actually still not ready, so I have compiled a list of thoughts that have been swimming in my little brain the past two weeks. Here they are for you to enjoy:

1. Did anyone see Grey's Anatomy two weeks ago? The end was ridiculously good. It reminded me of the old Grey's that held depth and meaning. After a 3 episode arc of a serial killer trying to die in the hospital rather that by lethal injection (which I think Eric Stolz, of the old school movie, "Some kind of Wonderful" played creepily and brilliantly) it ended with such a moving scene it brought me to literal sobs. Meredith, our heroine, we are learning has a compassionate side...even for those undeserving people that have no remorse for the horrible things they have done to people. Such is the case between serial killer and Meredith.  A unique relationship develops between the two and without apology they kind of understand each other. Anyway....he asks if she will come to his "death" so "there's at least one friendly face in the place."
She does.....and what happens is an astonishing picture of grace. Our heroine goes to this man's "death", a man who has killed quite a few women without any apology.....just for the fun of it and she gives him a friendly face as he is pumped with enough drugs to take him to the other side. After its over, she walks out to her boyfriend and collapses in sobs. She cries she just wanted to give him a little bit of compassion, and it was horrible.

sniff sniff.

Grace isn't easy. Grace shouldn't be easy.....and at times it can feel horrible to give. Just think back to the most amazing grace ever given.....on a cross......and it was horrible.

Sometimes as believers we sugar coat grace....and I loved that a TV show could actually show an accurate description of what it can be like.

2.  I am a crazy woman for agreeing with my husband to sell my house in the midst of about to have a baby. 

3. If another person tells me that my little circus animal in utero needs to stay in longer to grow, I will punch them. 
It's time for him to come out.....any day little guy.....please today.

4. I wish I had a house cleaner. I think the govn't should pay for house cleaners. It would help our health care system by reducing the number of people being sick from dirty houses.

5. I have the most amazing friends....both near and far. Just the other day a group of girls surprised me with a yummy breakfast brought to my home along with gifts for our little circus animal.

6. I am hoping I can go hear Greg Mortenson talk at Long Beach Wilson. He's the author of , "Three Cups of Tea". A fantastic book if you are looking for  a good read.

7.  I am hoping I can sleep longer than 2 hour periods in the night.

that's all I got.....I know there's more, but the mind has completely mushed.
Til next time dear readers.....


Kristi said...

I am glad to hear your thoughts again. And as I told you before, I can relate to the crazy moves. I've done it twice now. Once after each baby. Craziness.

And I did see that Grey's. So good. Oddly enough, we're gonna do a series at church in a month called Grace Anatomy...


Diane Davis said...

I don't watch Grey's but I did catch the last 15 minutes of that episode... the only one I've seen in the past year. So fun I know what you are talking about! :)

MOVING? I've said it to your hubby... Berkeley is a great place. Heehee. :)

I'm glad you have such great friends... that was a nice treat.

The Reverend's Lover said...

I've been waiting for you to come back!!

yup, love Grey's, loved this post and love moving!!

I look forward to posts entitled "adventures with circus baby..."

Lisa P said...

With you on the moves...but sometimes it's nice to get the crazies out all at once!