The Loves of My Life

The Loves of My Life

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Things I Love #4

I Love Paul's art. 

When we first started dating  I was a little scared off by his creative mind. The paintings in his room were on the "weirder" side and reminded me of aliens in scary movies. But his people and his style grew on me and I have come to love his "lanky people"....
 NO...I have come to LOVE them.
I know he doesn't think so, but I think he's talented. He has a perspective not seen in commercial art and it's fresh and different. He has also played with shapes and geometry in some of his paintings and they have turned out really good. 

When he became a pastor he started using art as a media for ministry and even now sometimes will use his paintings in his sermons which is kinda cool.

I love having the opportunity to change the decor of my house based on one of his paintings. Here are a few in our house that I took quick snapshots of.....
I love this painting. Paul did this after our daughter Riley was born. I love 
it so much that it inspired the baby's room........
I have never been able to decorate a room for a baby. 
Jeremiah was born at a time when we lived in Princeton in a tiny one bedroom apt. When we had Riley, she slept in the "office" until she was 3 months old- then she moved into big brother Jeremiah's room. So I had fun putting together a room for our little surprise. Although he was unplanned.....just like the picture, he will be met with much joy when he is finally born.

This is probably my favorite of Paul's pieces.
 The lighting and camera don't do it justice. Paul calls it "Rest for the Weary" and he painted it at the end of a long quarter of Greek while in seminary. When I worked for a printing company, we had a few printed framing it in black with scripture (Matt. 11: 28-30) at the bottom. 
It turned out beautiful...and still waits for us to frame it and put it up.  But I still love the original and it always is up on one of our walls in our house.

Here's a piece currently in our living room. I love all the colors and textures he uses with the brush....wish the camera could show those.

This is a bit of a sentimental piece. Paul gave this to me the first year we were married. He'll probably get mad I even posted this piece. I wish it was out for all to see in my house, but it's been put up in our bedroom on a wall that people don't look at. Maybe at our new house it will have a more prominent place. 

So there's just a few pieces....ones that I love and I would take with me wherever I go.


Anonymous said...

He most def has amazing talent, I too have grown to love it. Of course I LOVE my picture!!!

Dionne Sincire said...

I absolutely adore his work, especially the first canvas. It's as if the light is emerging from within the blue form, emanating towards the baby like a blanket.

Diane Davis said...

i too adore his work. i love that you have so much original art in your home!

Jeff & Jenn Kliewer said...

What a great way to fill your home...with people you love and what they love to Paul's artwork. Jen, the baby's room looks GREAT! You guys are such fast workers! Wow, can't believe he will be here tomorrow (that's what I'm praying for you :>). Love you Jen,

The Reverend's Lover said...

BEAUTIFUL! Paul is incredibly talented. wow. I would love to have his art all over my house! So, when someone leaves me a lot of $ - I'm callin your place :)

JJ said...


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the living room one! That's basically what I was looking for for my living room when I moved, but since I couldn't find anything I settled from some crappy "canvases" from Target. The baby's room is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Heidi said...

He's very talented - his work is beautiful!