The Loves of My Life

The Loves of My Life

Friday, September 5, 2008


So i was excited to blog a post about McCain's Speech last. I had really positive things to say about it. But I received an email this morning that made me really mad- which in essence means it was very hurtful.  It was an email questioning my faith based on who I am voting for. It was an email that in essence said I couldn't possibly be a follower of Christ because who I am voting for.

I am not gonna get into it cuz I will continue to cry......but let me just say this, I have never nor will I ever judge one person's personal faith and relationship with their Savior based on politics and who they vote for. It's down right judgmental which is unChristian. 

I told my husband this morning that my heart is heavy that Christians do this.  I know it is possible to have open discussions and dialogue between people that are positive and respectful even if they think differently. I have been excited to listen to other's and learn about their stances about what's going on with our country. It's the first time in my life I have wanted to care about politics. I have taken great care in educating myself so I am not relying on propaganda from any side. I know politics are a sensitive issue, but why does respect have to fly out the window when the topic comes up? There are ways to discuss things in light of differences and it is not by being condescending to others. I desire to learn.....and to be responsible with my decision making.  I want to know why people think the way they do and what causes them to think one way and not the other.

How sad it is, that even the people that should be able to be respectful.....can't seem to. I was deeply saddened today by the email I received, but I wasn't sitting here thinking," Oh Boo Who me, someone doesn't like what I think" I was grieved because I am not only believer that is being judged based on their cast ballot. There are many others that the "conservative christian right" judges and condemns and I think this grieves Jesus as well. If you don't like my political stance.....that's fine (btw, i'm independant), but leave me and my Savior out of it.

So I really wanted to blog about McCain, and I was completely distracted. Most of you know me....and I have to say what's on my mind and heart. I shouldn't even be blogging about this anyway.....but since I was challenged a few weeks ago to be someone that could do good through my blog, I couldn't be quiet. I have realized recently that there are strangers that read my blog (what an honor) and I hope they will not judge me quickly.

The reason I write this post is for this simple reason.......  I pray that as people who believe in the saving grace of Jesus we will all  be respectful enough to understand that our salvation does not rest in being republican or democrat and it does not rest in who we vote rests on the cross.


anne said...

Well said, Jen. Obviously, I had some disagreements in your post about Obama, but I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed our dialogue and the grace you showed to me. We, as Christians, need to see that we come in all shapes and sizes and backgrounds and walks of life. We are all on our own journey with Jesus, but that is exactly what brings us all together. We may not agree on every minute detail of the journey that we are on, but we can be sure that we will all see each other in the end!

And, for what it's worth, I'd still like to hear your thoughts on McCain. :)

Diane Davis said...

Thanks for sharing your heart on this. I can tell you were really saddened. I'm also glad that you are a strong person and won't be bullied! Articulate and grace-filled words here.

The Unlikely Pastor's Wife said...

Thank you Anne- thats means a lot to me especially coming from someone who I know disagrees with me on some issues :)
And yes- I will still blog about McCain, its been an emotional week and I need to re-group :) hopefully tomorrow.

sargarepa said...

Well said. Last paragraph, especially. It's hard to understand how in the world other people who love Jesus can't see that he is an independent. I can't imagine that Jesus would be a Republican (or a Democrat for that matter). Maybe a Libertarian...

I really believe, Jen, that many of those casting judgment have not carefully researched their candidate as you have, but are voting out of long-standing loyalty to a party, or because they swallow (hook, line and sinker)whatever is being propagated from the pulpit (ugh!). They hear the buzz words (terrorism, fear, abortion, country first), but don't care enough to really get to the meat of it, and make decisions based on fact.

How offensive would it be to write an email to a Republican friend, questioning their intelligence? There is a certain self-righteousness that comes with fundamentalism that allows people to express their own opinion as universal truth (i.e. my "working mom" post)It is hurtful, but it is also irresponsible Christianity. It's arrogance in the name of Jesus, which is the most despicable kind. This kind of judgment is turning people off to Christianity.

I admire the time you have put in to reconcile both sides of this election, and fully respect your faith, which cannot be put in to a can and placed on a shelf.

Stacey said...

Wow Jen...I am really bummed that you took my words so hurtfully (obviously I am the author of the e-mail Jen received). Unfortunately, you posted your blog at the very time I was responding to your response to me. I haven't heard back from you and I sent an e-mail to your address instead of on facebook so I don't know if you have read it yet.

I hope that I explained why I said what I did and what I meant by it. And I can't believe that you took it as so judgmental...I went ahead and sent you an e-mail that was pretty lengthy so maybe that's why you haven't read it yet?

I hope that you see my true heart in the e-mail I sent...feel free to post it here if you would like. I don't mind sharing as I, like you, agree that healthy and open discussion is a passion of mine and something I do in an effort to understand ALL people's beliefs and ways they come to their positions on different issues.

Again, as I said earlier, please accept my sincere apologies if you truly feel I was judging your faith based on how you are I mentioned, I don't think Jesus was a member of a political party...that's just silliness. I DO believe that we are called upon by the convictions we have of the Holy Spirit we profess to dwell within us that we must vote our conscience in such a way that we align ourselves with the candidate who MOST likely takes a biblical stance on positions...not just quotes scripture in an effort to gain voters who attend church. And there is rarely an ideal candidate or one who is a Christian with a personal relationship with Christ.

Anyhow, I explained all that earlier...hope you get a chance to read my response and that my real heart as a fellow sister in Christ comes out. Take care.

The Unlikely Pastor's Wife said...

I haven't read your email yet (I don't use that account for anything but junk I forwarded you my personal email) but I appreciate your apology and a better explanation of what you meant.

I normally wouldn't respond in a public fashion, but I think this is important to Christiansr we HAVE to be careful of how we say things. You email came across as judgmental.....when someone says to me "if you ARE in fact a follower of Jesus, how can you be a follower of Obama" well then that pretty much questions my faith because how could I possibly be a Christian and vote for Obama.

Thats what I take issue with. Why can't I be a Christian and vote for Obama? Why can't I believe in the things that grieves God's own heart and believe in a man that believes those same things too. You may not believe that about Obama....but I do. and we can agree to disagree there.....but who I am as a follower of Christ and where I am in my maturity in my faith allows me the grace and the ability to see shades of grey.....and not everything is black and white.

Anyway....I need to read you email.....which I will do right now. I appreciate you seeking me out, I honestly wouldn't respond publicly, but I don't want future readers to think I snubbed you :) Let's chat more offline.

Jodie Howerton said...

OH, I hate this. I really do. I've gotten similar e-mails. It's like some Christians believe that being a Republican is a requirement for salvation. Not quite sure what Stacey means by a "biblical stance" on issues. I'm guessing she's referring to abortion. I'll not get in to how frustrating it is for me to handle that argument........Truth is BOTH candidates want to see abortion numbers come down. Neither one thinks abortion is a POSITIVE thing. I do, however see a difference in which one wants to care for the poor, a pretty darn biblical mandate.....

sargarepa said...

I don't mean to jump all over Stacey, but since she joined the conversation, I will say something in regards to her comment. I think what troubles me is that some Christians don't understand the line between judgment and biblical admonishment. I can see biblically admonishing someone who is blatantly living in sin, such as hurting themselves or others around them. There is an appropriate time and place for that. But, to admonish someone based on your own convictions, about something that can be seen in several different ways is, like it or not, judgmental.

There is no clear representative for the Christian faith in this political election, and there hasn't been in recent history (not even George Bush- his policies, in my opinion, certainly aren't in line with the gospel message). You're right; we have to be true to what the Holy Spirit has revealed to us and he reveals different things to different people, and has given us an intellect for discernment in these matters.

Oh, and how is pro-death penalty a "biblical stance?" Just wondering...

Pot Liquor said...

Once upon a time, there were those who thought, "I question your faith if you are uncircumcised," and I think you already know how that debate ended.

You're absolutely right, faith is not summed up in the candidate who has your vote during election year; it is summed up in love.

Be encouraged! Stand your ground! Fight on!

BTW with all of the warfare you've been facing I just want you to know that I'm saying a prayer for you as I type. It has a lot to do with the armor of God.