The Loves of My Life

The Loves of My Life

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Today is our anniversary. 11 years of marriage and we are still going strong.  It's hard to believe its been that many years since we said "I do", but it has and I am looking forward to years to come as well.

I appreciate and love my husband for many many reasons. Lately, he has been the anchor in my night. Coming home after a long day, he cooks, he plays with the kids, puts them to bed and cleans up. He has done all this without one complaint (at least to me). He has even had to go to bed without hugs and kisses cuz I just can't muster up enough strength for physical touch.

These aren't the only reasons why I am thankful he chose me to be his partner. I have a long 13 year list of all the great things he is and has done for me. But it's a taste of the man that has a faith that reflects in the way he loves his wife. 

But just in case you want more's 11 reasons for 11 years.

1. He always says sorry first because he knows I am too stubborn to do it, even if it is my fault.
2. He prays for me and stretches me in my faith without ever making me feel I need to do more or be more
3. He puts up with my weaknesses with humor, making me laugh instead of cry.
4. He has this amazing heart of compassion and faith that surprises me daily.
5. He wrestles with our children, reads them stories, makes up tree stump stories, takes them to the library and on fun bike rides.
6.  His flatulence is historic.
7.  He always surprises the time he sent me to Knoxville to see a friend for my 30th or the time he arranged a lunch rendezvous with my friend stopping in from Nepal.
8.  He doesn't complain about my lack of culinary skills- he just enjoys what I make.
9. He is just funny :)
10. His snuggles in the winter and his "don't touch me it's hot" in the summer.
11. because this morning he woke me up and said, "11 years ago I said I do, and I still do " :)

Happy Anniversary sweetie- I love you lots and lots.


Carrie said...


The Reverend's Lover said...

Aww - great list - gave me goosebumps!

Rebecca Snavely said...

congratulations! So good to know you and celebrate your commitment, and to see an example of love lived out daily.

Love you both muchly.

Jeff & Jenn Kliewer said...

Happy anniversary Whites! What a wonderful list!!! Love to all of you.

Pot Liquor said...

Best wishes on your 11th and may you have many more years to come.

sargarepa said...

Happy Anniversary!

Becky K. said...

Keep that love train rollin'!!

paul thomas said...

Wow! This guy sounds fabulous...