The Loves of My Life

The Loves of My Life

Friday, August 22, 2008

Not Mamma's Cookin'

So I am at week 13 tomorrow and this little peanut I'm carrying is hurting my feelings. It  wants nothing to do with my cooking. Over the past 6-8 weeks there has been only two meals that I make that my hormone ravaged body could muster enough strength to eat. That's spaghetti and a peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.Yep......this baby loves those carbs and has made me pay for it when I have tried to eat fruit.
 Veggies? fuhgit about it.

I started to feel guilty due to the lack of unhealthy eating. But then I reminded myself that I just need to get through this extremely dark period of pregnancy. Besides I am taking prenatals ....that's all the nutrients it needs right? :)

So for any of you that care here is the diet my baby has forced me to adhere to :

Del Taco Bean Burritos
In- n- Out.- this baby loves meat and any bbq quality burger will do.

Islands BBQ Chicken Salad

Rubios Shrimp Burrito Especial.

Dr. Pepper- yep after 5 weeks of being DP free, I caved. It was the only liquid that would literally settle my tummy. seriously- not making that up.

Bagel with cream cheese or Cheerios for breakfast

Salt, Salt and more Salt.

Yep- sounds super healthy right? If I ate anything else it's because someone else made it for me and the baby would concede out of gratefulness. But if I even thought of trying to make something....I could feel my mouth begin to salivate, not water, but the salivating that begins before vomiting occurs.

So here's to a better second trimester and some healthy eating, or I may gain over 100 lbs. before this baby is born.


RobeDownLow said...

I craved nothing but bean burritos and fish crackers while I was pregnant with Amelia...and I gained 60 lbs!!!!! But, it was also my 1st pregnancy and I thought it was not only ok, but necessary to eat 5 meals a day;)

You're almost through the hardest part- hang in there!!!

Jodie Howerton said...

Ah, there's nothing like contending with hormones! As long as you have folic acid and calories, you are doing just fine!

Brazenlilly said...

Ha! As soon as you said "salivate" my mind clearly remembered that pre-puke feeling that comes from under your tongue. Yuck. Hang in there! (And enjoy the junk if you can!)

The Reverend's Lover said...

Lol - this is such a cute post!

Jeff & Jenn Kliewer said...

Have you tried candy??? Maybe peanut butter cup or Snickers for some dairy and protein? Or ice cream? You are so sweet already but why wouldn't you add more sweetness to your little one :>.

Christy said...

I remember this stage so clearly!! I hope you feel better soon.

I had a major obsession with fast food breakfast while I was pregnant, even when it was early and I was sick. I have no idea why something healthy would make me sick, but processed/pressed/fried potatoes made me happy!

The hard part is almost over!

Jen White said...

thanks for the encouragement every one. and no, I hadn't thought about snickers....hmmmmmm
wish they had folic acid in candy :)

Kristi said...

you must be birthing my husband....he and baby 3 have the same diet! :o)

Sarah said...

I say, Go For It!!!
When else in your life can you rationally justify eating like that?
It's true ... that little bean will do just fine. Chubby babies are cute.