The Loves of My Life

The Loves of My Life

Saturday, August 2, 2008

This is what Jesus did for me the other day.

I decided in mid morning to take the kids to Target to get out of the house. We desparatley needed soap and shampoo and I was feeling good enough to go out. My poor kids haven't been out much these past few weeks due to my baby illness- so I thought I would spoil them with a slurplee while i got our necessities.

But before we got to Target, I decided to stop at a friend's to return something I had borrowed from her. My kids weren't too excited, they wanted their slurpee, but I left the car running and ran up to the door and knocked.

Jesus answered the door and quickly embraced me. He quickly asked how I was feeling and me being the honest person I am, gave Him the cold honest truth.
This first trimester is killing me, I may not be throwing up, but I might as well be. I explained how every day is touch and go and how EVERY night I can be found in the fetal position usually by 6pm.

Jesus just hugged me and smiled.
"How can I help?"

Usually when asked this question I dismiss it and convincingly say that I am okay. But today I couldn't and just blurted shamelessly.
"maybe have my kids over for a playdate sometime?

You see, I don't have any energy to play or do anything fun with the kiddos. When you feel you are on the verge of regurgitating your morning, snack, and lunch menu, the last thing you want to do is go for a bike ride or jump on the trampoline. The past few weeks of summer have been a bummer for them and they have been such troopers. They never complain and when I say I can't play with them, they kiss me and the baby with such love and care. So I just threw it out there- I wanted my kids to have some sort of fun. Plus it would help me from not feeling guilty. I didn't expect much, maybe a short playdate for the following week. But what happened over the next 5 minutes almost brought me to tears.

Jesus asked what my kids were doing right now and if they could stay the afternoon to swim and He would bring them home later. Then he asked if they could come over tomorrow and another day next week. 3 play dates planned all in a matter of seconds!!!! Not one, or two, but THREE!!!
Jesus had no idea how much He was really doing for me. I almost cried right there.

So I brought the kiddos in and they happily ran to their friends and started swimming in minutes. As I was leaving, Jesus asked me if He could bring me dinner tonight.

WHAT? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I haven't made dinner in weeks. Paul has been scraping by every night with simple dinners he can throw together for himself and the kids.

Paul thanks you and the kids thank you!

I gave Jesus a hug and walked away amazed at His love for me and so grateful for his heart to serve. To me, this is the definition of community- coming alongside and doing life together. Getting through the good and the yuck and serving each other in such a beautiful, surprising and loving way.

And not only did Jesus bring us a yummy dinner- He brought freshly baked homemade cookies!

Thank you Jesus!!!


Lisa P said...

Living amongst a Jesus community is humbling and a huge blessing. Glad you ran into Jesus today!

Brazenlilly said...

Once I realized that you were not visiting a Latino friend named Jesus (hay-soos), I got choked up at the love and compassion you received. I'm so glad for you, and glad you shared!

Kristi said...

I (like Jen) thought you must have a close friend of hispanic descent...but then I remembered that you are all clever and stuff and wrote a beautiful blog that would touch my heart and remind me to be Jesus to my own community.

How awesome Jen! Enjoy the rest!

The Reverend's Lover said...

Aww - that's the sweetest thing I've heard all week.
Definitely inspired me to be Jesus too!!