The Loves of My Life

The Loves of My Life

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Please, please, please PLEASE.

That's all that is in my mind today. That's all I am calling out to God. I can't utter any other words of grandeur or beautiful sentences.....all I can muster is please.

My dear friend emailed this morning to say she has a meeting with a birth mom today at 430. It looks all too good to be true, but I am hoping.

My friend is, not would be, the perfect mom. She doesn't even need kids to prove it. Her and her wonderful husband have desperately tried for many years and with much heartache have not had the blessing of conceiving and bringing to term their own baby.

My friend is the one with whom when I found out i was pregnant I called out to God , "Why can't it be hers. I want it to be hers."

My dear friend....I am praying..."Please, please please."

and I am hoping that like a parent with a child, God will look down on the pleading face and show grace and give in......

Oh please, Oh please, Oh please


Kristi said...

I too am praying. Keep us posted.

Carrie said...

430 is very soon! I'm joining the prayers! Let us know what happens!

Jen White said...

thanks for your prayers! Everything went REALLY well and it looks like my friend will have a baby by next week :)
Just praying that there is no renig :)