The Loves of My Life

The Loves of My Life

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Two things to watch

Last night we came home and watched the interviews between Rick Warren, Obama & McCain.
It was on a public access channel and we managed to DVR it. If you hadn't heard, Rick invited the two presidential candidates to Saddleback Church for an interview style forum. I think Rick did a really great job mediating, but I think Obama did an even better job answering questions. I am biased, but I appreciated his thoughtful answers and the look into what seemed to be an intimate conversation between him and Rick. I learned more about his faith and came away now more than ever convinced that Obama is a man that when no one is watching tries to walk humbly with God. That's the kind of man I want making decisions for our country.

McCain on the other hand answered the same questions like he was campaigning and kept addressing the audience. He knew he was among friends (republican evangelicals) and made short answers that would rally the crowd. I liked McCain before this forum (even though I wasn't gonna vote for him), but after watching him I was saddened. All I saw was a grey haired old guy who would be more of the same bush administration.

So that's my take, we have it on our dvr, so if you want to watch it (even if you are a McCain enthusiast), come on over. I think it's worth it to see these interviews.

We also watched the foreign film "The Lives of Others". It won an academy award and I can see why. It was a beautifully written, acted and depicted film in every way. Paul wrote a blog about it, so I won't repeat anything he has already said. You can click on his link and decide for yourself. So put it in your Netflix queue and you won't be sorry.


Rebecca Snavely said...

One of my FAVORITE movies of all time. Glad you watched it and appreciated it. xo

Jodie Howerton said...

I agree with your take on the interview at Saddleback. McCain seemed to be "preaching the party line" and Obama seemed to be having a real conversation. I applaud Rick for asking the tough questions, and both candidates for agreeing to show up!