The Loves of My Life

The Loves of My Life

Monday, August 4, 2008

Leaving something short of paradise

This past weekend my sister and her husband went on a trip to Vegas. That meant that our family had to travel only 25 minutes to a perfect weekend getaway.
We love spending time at their house. It's clean, spacious and just homey. It also helps that they have a great pool, their boys have video games that Miah loves, and two big screen TVs (with a library of DVDs) for movie watching by Riley and I.

Our first vacation here was last year and it was so nice. We did absolutely nothing. We swim, watch movies, play games, nap and eat take out most of the time.

This year my nephews stayed home and we got to hang with them a little bit. I don't get to spend much time with them, so I always enjoy hanging out. I love to see my youngest nephew interacting with my kids. They adore him and he is so patient with them. I also love to just chat with the eldest. He is almost 17 now and could be too cool to hang. But he's not. He's funny and intelligent and fun to be around.

So after a relaxing weekend, we must head home to reality...and await another Casa De La Adams weekend :)
Here are a few quotes from the weekend:
"I just LOVE it here"
"They are just too many yummy snacks to choose from"
This pool is sooo fun"

Thanks Big Sis!the kids and their cousin going for a swim

Riley's favorite reason to visit Casa De La Adams- their dog Louie :)

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Jodie Howerton said...

Hi Jen! Great to know of your blog! Always a pleasure to meet another pastor's wife! THanks for the link, I'll stink one for your blog on my blogroll! Have a great day!