The Loves of My Life

The Loves of My Life

Friday, August 1, 2008

Too funny NOT to post

Today I went to my first Doctor's appt. since learning I am preggo. I had to find a new Doc since my previous one left my insurance group. Here is a piece of the paperwork I filled out. It still makes me laugh out loud when I look at it.

Here are a few tings I learned at the appointment today:

1. My official due date is.....Feb. 28th (just like I thought)
2. I need to lose weight.....this baby is starting off on a bad note already only at 10 weeks and adding a little too much cushion.
3. Dr. Offices' play the cheesiest music stations.
4. It's cold when you wear a backless gown and the air is on
5. Listening to above cheesy music stations (that happens to be playing 'the song") brings me back to my 7th grade boyfriend who I am still wondering why I broke up with him. I'm fickle.
6. Why was I thinking about my 7th grade boyfriend when I am pregnant with my husband's child?
7. I like my new Dr.
8. There is all sorts of new testing....even to see if you are a carrier for autism- that's just GREAT!
9. I will officially be at the age where I qualify for the old people pregnancy tests (35 and above)
10. I'm really pregnant- saw the little pipsqueak move and everything.


Lisa P said...

I love your "problem"! And so funny that you are in the old people section--that's just crazy! We'll be watching and cheering the whole way!

Jewels said...

Jen, that was a really funny post. Hey I like the new background but you need to change your font color to black or something because it is really hard to read. I love that everyone is jumping on board and updating their blog backgrounds.

Rebecca Snavely said...


And, wait, what? Wearing a backless gown? and I thought the benefit of 9 months of pregnancy was the ability to not try to lose weight.

you funny lady.

Rebecca Snavely said...

Can I edit my comment? I meant to write "Complaint: Pregnancy" is too close to truth for a form like that.

And I split an infinitive in there... the editor inside groans. (Is it cocktail hour yet?)

JC3PastorWife said...

My husband I just had a little "suprise" ourself! We are very excited, but a little overwhelemed. We have been married for a WHOLE eight months, have a six month old church we just planted, and are still getting used to life in the country (I am from the city). I really look forward to reading your posts. I think sometimes the hardest part of being a preacher's wife is the loneliness.

Sarah said...

My favorite thing is that you were thinking about your 7th grade boyfriend. !!

paul thomas said...

If I find your 7th grade boyfriend, I'm going to kick is arse!

The Coy Pond said...

If you're 9 days late, your baby will have the same birthday as Jarrod!!

I know, I know... I'm still smiling for you! And "yes - twice" made me laugh out loud.