The Loves of My Life

The Loves of My Life

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Olympic Awe

Like others have gone before me, I will come out of the closet and admit I love the Olympics. I love almost everything about it. I love the stories, the competition, the drama, the glory and most of all, I love watching people of all nations come together in one place.

I have not talked about the Olympics at all with my family. But at 750 pm last night I parked myself in front of the TV for a night of the opening ceremonies. My interest was piqued since the news have been declaring that this would be the opening ceremonies like no other. I have to admit I had my doubts as well as my prejudices. I had read how much the Chinese government spent on these Olympics and the ceremony and I was disgusted and appalled. But then again I think it's disgusting to spend over $50 on a purse- especially if you already have one.

So there I was, ready for the ceremony to begin and both my children came bounding into my room. Did I mention I was in front of the TV in my bedroom so I could lay in my nauseous state? And they were SO EXCITED to watch with me. I sat there over the next two hours with my children as we watched in awe and wonder of the most beautiful opening ceremony I had ever seen. But the best part was the conversation with my children as each moment passed by. We talked about the Chinese culture, the dress, the moving LED screen, the astronaut, and how cool all the athletes from all the different nations looked. Riley at one point exclaimed as she watched the women in their traditional dresses, "Oh Mom, they are so beautiful. " It was a priceless moment for a mother.

I am always in awe of God's creation and how He created so many different kinds of people, with different cultures, tastes and language. I know there are some scary times right now in our world. It is being ransacked with war and violence. But I have to say that it is hopeful to see, even for a few hours, the look of pure joy on the faces of others nations. To see them march around the same arena with their flags held high in unity. Yes, I know there is tension....but it's still nice to see all the same.


Rebecca Snavely said...

It was stunning! I couldn't believe there were PEOPLE maneuvering those blocks, and the circle, the perfect circle, of Tai Chi light? Breathtaking. And didn't it appear that George W had really bad seats?

Jodie Howerton said...

I don't know how any city will ever top Bejing's Opening was astounding......On the George W. comment, he actually looked clip had hip hunched down and he kept glancing at his watch. I actually laughed out loud!!

Anonymous said...

Jen, I felt the same way you did (minus the joy of sharing it with the kiddos) watching the opening ceremony. What an amazing thing, and what amazing times we live in!

And yeah, G Dub was talking often with Putin . . . why was he sitting next to Putin in the 350,000th row? He looked into it at first (much clapping and grinning) but then kept looking and his watch. It just added to the surreal quality of the whole event.

Carole Davis said...

i'm so bummed i missed it. seriously bummed. i LOVE the olympics!

Diane Davis said...

ooops... i just created an account for my mom and forgot to log out. So that was ME. :)