The Loves of My Life

The Loves of My Life

Friday, August 29, 2008

" I am my Brother's and Sister's Keeper"

That statement was echoed not once, but several times in Obama's speech at the Democratic Convention. It's exactly the kind of philosophy America NEEDS to embrace, but will it? We have been a people that has stomped on others, and has made many millions off the philosophy of "every man for himself". Almost everything we do in America is clouded in the "survival of the fittest" way of life.

Now let me start off by saying that I have never EVER been interested in politics. NEVER. I have never been able to grasp the idealism of people before me who idolized "great leaders" like Roosevelt or Kennedy. I couldn't understand how people were so captivated by them, how they felt compelled by them to be interested in politics. I was dumbfounded by reading and watching a history that really mourned these men. My mind has always defined politics with greedy old men who don't care about you.

I don't know if it's because I am older or if I am more aware......even though I don't think it has anything to do with it, but I have never been captivated by someone in politics like Barack Obama. I am not a Democrat.....and even though I grew up Republican......I am not. I like to choose my candidate based on their integrity and who I believe can lead our country to a better place.

This week I actually payed attention to the DNC for the first time in my life. (I will actually pay attention to the Republican Convention as well). There were a lot of amazing speeches....Hilary, Joe, Clinton- if you haven't heard them I highly suggest you Google them and listen). But Barack's speech actually moved me. It wasn't his most eloquent speech....and there were times I was wanting him to not be so harsh on McCain, but his vision.....his passion and his plan is what I believe American really needs. Will he be able to fulfill all his promises? Who knows. Maybe not...some of them are a pretty tall order. But the fact that he is reaching high for the better of the American people inspires me. It actually makes me proud to live in this country at a time when I just recently wrote a friend that I was embarrassed by American policies.

I have to be honest and say that Barack Obama is the best man for the job.....and I respectfully don't understand people who think otherwise. Really I don't. I know I should, but I don't. I don't think Barack is perfect and that he will save America. Only we, the people of America can do that......and he is the one who can inspire us to bring about change. He is already inspired me to care.

I have friends who are Republicans....and are voting McCain because they are "Republican" and that's that. I have friends that think abortion should be abolished so because of that issue, they won't vote for Obama...and I really just don't get that way of thinking.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion.......but this is mine. I'm sure people think I am foolish for voting for Obama....and to them I say, are wrong. :)

So....I am sure there might  be a tirade of comments after my little Soapbox of a thought here, and all I ask is that you be respectful......otherwise, like I have before, I will delete you :)


imsargarepa said...
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Diane Davis said...

Respectfully, regarding the above comment: obama didn't say that abortion will reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies. he said that we don't agree on abortion but surely we can agree to work together on reducing unwanted pregnancies. reading between the lines, he would be talking about sex education in the school system... another divisive issue (because if we move from abstinence only to educating students about safe sex then surely kids will all run out and have orgies in the bushes...).

Jen... I so agree here. I will say that I get convicted and have to manage my anger because even tho I don't like the label of democrat or republican, i don't have much respect for the mccain voter. I tend to think of the mccain supporter as a wealthy white person who only cares about what is in their own backyard and doesn't care about the marginalized across the country that are equally American and need support. I think of the mccain supporter as being largely motivated to live their life by fear. I despise the extreme conservative because I think they are full of harmful judgments that oppress others, yet I’m guilty of the same judgment in despising them (does that makes sense?)

I also very much agree on not voting only soap-box issues. The person who will only vote for the pro-life platform is supporting a party that doesn’t think it is their responsibility to care about the quality of life for the unborn baby. I think Obama’s speech and platform really talks about the quality of life for all. Do I think he can completely deliver on his promises? No. We are a complicated country and I’ve never seen a candidate that can completely deliver. And in the case of Obama, he’s got our juices flowing and has me hopeful for the first time in my life about the roll of politics in everyday life… so there is bound to be some letdown and unmet expectations.

I get so angered with the evangelical world that sits in its state of privilege. As I commented on your blog before, faith doesn’t come easy for me and I don’t have a core sense of knowing if I am a Christian (I love Jesus while being very pluralist in my beliefs in embracing other religions). I’m on some sort of spiritual journey and trying to figure it out. The church as I’ve known it makes me want to run for the hills and hang out with the very people it judges. All this to say, when politics and religion go hand in hand and it leans toward the mccain camp, I get scared because I can’t buy into those messages. I want to walk away from it all and live my life as a humanist that loves others apart from religious intolerance. I’ve seen some things on facebook and blogs amongst my friends that do scare me (of course they are allowed to say what they believe). But without being totally doom and gloom, I do recognize there are other thoughtful Christians out there (even tho I don’t know him, your husband seems to be one of those people).

I think I got on a huge tangent here… sorry. I took it to a religious place that wasn't part of your post. I guess I find some sort of peace in knowing you are a strong believer who can also step outside of the box. I recognize this is long... I guess you sparked a lot in me. Maybe I’ll go blog about it later.

Peace. :)

Sarah said...
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sarah said...

Real quick, my last post was really reactive and I apologize. I just felt like I was misunderstood about how I feel about the abortion issue. Also, I don't enter conversations often on stuff like this, and felt embarrassed that I was corrected.

I'm sorry because this conversation isn't at all about me and I made it about me and my hurt feelings. Actually, I think we're all on the same page without realizing it. Again, sorry I misspoke and you may delete me if you want.

Diane Davis said...


If I offended you in any way I sincerely apologize. I didn't mean to embarrass you in the slightest... I was trying to comment that I didn't hear obama saying abortion was an answer to minimizing unwanted pregnancies. i got tongue and cheeck because I think we should be teaching comprehensive sex education in schools, but I also understand that not everyone agrees with me on this point.

I took my comment much farther than Jen's post too. I think Jen and I would both recognize that even tho we both support Obama, there are lots of other things we differ on. I think this is okay (even good!) and would say keep speaking up and engaging in topics!

Things often don't read well on email or blog comments, but do know that I did not mean any harm so I'm sorry if feelings were hurt.


Diane Davis said...

sorry about all the misspellings and i meant role not roll. my corrections are for the benefit of snavely and bunch in case they read this (english snobs!) ;)

sargarepa said...


I'm the one who is sorry. Totally my problem; I recognized (minutes later) that you were just trying to set the record straight and not being sarcastic. I did misunderstand what he said during his speech on Thurs. night, but I was also speaking with the knowledge that he is a little more liberal on the issue of abortion than I am.

I know what you mean about abstinence education; it's a crock. I am a middle school teacher in Alabama and the kids here do not get sex ed., but "abstinence education" from a lady named Ms. Sexton who has colored contacts and bleach blond hair (which is fine, if that's what you're into; I'm just saying...). And our county has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the state. How's that working for you, Alabama?

So, really, I hear you on that, and many other things you said, second to last paragraph, especially. I also agree that things can be misconstrued through email and blog posts and I'm sorry that I took it personally.


Anne said...

I stumbled on your blog awhile ago and I have been reading ever since. My husband is also a pastor and it was interesting for me to read about your life.

This post, however, saddens me deeply. You may call abortion or homosexual marriage or even sex education "soapbox issues" but I believe that these are the very issues that Jesus weeps over. People are killing their unborn children, people are celebrating hoosexuality, and people are letting others teach their children about sex and virtually instill morals in them that should be instilled by their parents. Yes, these are token Christian issues, but as Christians we must have a voice.

We should not be swayed because we are simply moved by a speech or by the charasmatic nature of a candidate or by the fact that we can "make history" by electing the first african american president. No, we need to stand by the truths of the Bible and be a voice for those that don't have one.

I'm not saying McCain has it perfect, I don't believe he does. But, as a Christian I could never vote for a man who would does not uphold the truths of the Bible. And it concerns me, Jen, that you do not feel the same.

Pot Liquor said...

Which is the greater sin: caving in to party bullies or standing up to them? A vote for the candidate who admits to not having all of the answers, or an endorsement resulting from puppeteers behind the scenes making sure that a puppet candidate is the only one offered up to voters on the party ticket?

I'm not familiar with the "hoosexuality" issue (I believe you mean homosexuality, but maybe you could enlighten me?), and I can't be too certain about the "Christian" view on the abortion issue considering the word "abortion" isn't even in the bible? Oh, but wait.., there was that one verse in Exodus 21:22-25...

Hmmmm, so much a mystery, yet you seem to have all of the answers to our country's woes, right? How novel. Maybe we should scrap the bible all together, sit at your feet, and sing Coombya.

Forgive the sarcasm, but the condescending tone in your comment screams "Religious Right"! I'm not endorsing a candidate, but what makes you so sure that you have all of the answers such that you should be concerned about Jen?

I know that you're a big girl--got on your big girl panties (as my mother would say)-- and you don't need me to speak out for you, in fact, I was content just to read your post, ponder the points that you made, as well as the great dialogue.., but then there was that last comment.

I don't mean any disrespect. :(

anne said...

Wow! Please forgive me if I came off as condesending. (And forgive my typo... oops!) I really wasn't meaning to do that. I also don't claim to have all the answers and I did say that I don't believe that McCain has all the answers either. I do, however, claim that the Bible has all the answers. And that is what I base my vote on.

If you really don't see that abortion is something that saddens the Creator of life, then I would urge you to read your Bible. Abortion is the killing unborn children. That is murder and that is clearly addressed in the Bible. Jesus loves children. Do you honestly think he looks upon the act of abortion takes no sides simply because there is no verse that says in black and white, "Abortion is wrong." Like I said before, I strongly believe that as Christians we need to be the voice for those that don't have one. If that offends you, so be it.

Jen White said...

Wow, people have always said politics is a very sensitive issue, and I didn't understand that until now. First I want to say I appreciate all your comments, even if I don't agree with them, I think it's important to dialogue and I really hope that none of you are scared away by someone's passion, or sarcasm (although I know sarcasm can cut and be hurtful, so I ask you to remember that).

Anne- Welcome to my blog! I know you don't know me well, but I always enjoy meeting others, and I have surprisingly have found friends here, so thanks for not only being interested, but speaking your mind.
I have to say that I am saddened you are concerned for me. Like I said, I know you don't know me well....but I have a deep love for Jesus, and for my God that has graciously given me so much. SO hopefully that is not your concern. :)
I agree with you that Jesus weeps over many injustices and awful things in this world. I just don't agree with you that the ones you listed are at the top of God's list. I don't believe God has a list. I think they all grieve God deeply and are on the same level as racism, neglect of homeless, the hungry, the elderly, the uninsured sick people. I think there are so many other issues that as a Christian I want to come alongside of as well. In my opinion I was stating that I find it puzzling that someone will vote for a person based on where they stand on one particular issue vs issues as a whole. Would I like abortion abolished? when it comes down to it...yes I would. But I am very realistic and understand that this nation will never do that in the near future- so the best thing I can hope for- is what can I do now? How can we work towards eventually getting there....and for me that means lowering the rate of abortion.
On issues of homosexuality- I agree that they should be able to visit their loved ons and have civic rights. But do I endorse homosexuality itself. not really.....

As a Christian- I do WANT want someone who upholds the truths of the bible- and that is why I am voting for Barack Obama. There are many different kinds of Christians out there, and I understand that, but after I had read about Obama and McCain and I watched their interviews with Rick Warren I was astounded at what seems McCain's portrayal to me of what was a lack of spirituality. (I say this because this is my perspective- and may not be others) When asked about God, his faith...he told a war story. When asked about evil, he gave a name instead of recognizing there is much more evil than Osama Bin Laden. When asked questions, he gave quick one word answers. I came away from that interview not sure he really feels deeply the things Jesus feels.
But Barack was a different story, he gave thoughtful answers to complicated questions . He talked about scripture several times in his personal life. He talked about the bible and he talked about how he actually uses the Bible in his every day life. He said wants to be a man "to do justly, love mercy and walk humble with his God" .
I want to assure you that I am not swayed by his charismatic speeches (although I can be at first, that's why I always try to take some time to digest things so my intellect can catch up with my heart).

I understand that you can't stand by someone who doesn't uphold the truths of the bible- but with that same intellect you have to not be behind McCain for being divorced and not upholding the sanctity of marriage You would have to not support him based on the bills that he has passed that have either not helped the uneducated or the poor, or have respected the earth. you have to not be behind King David who God chose even though he was a murderer and an adulterer ( i know thats taking it a little far- but it's just an illustration).
I agree that McCain is not perfect, and Barack isn't either. But for me as a Christian- Barack stands tall and strong for more things that God grieves about than McCain does, and that is why he gets my vote.

I hope you know I say all this unemotionally, just with my head, so if you read any kind of sarcasm, anger or anything negative- that is not my intention. I really believe that it's important for Christians to dialogue about this without getting mean. There are things you can probably teach me, and hopefully I can teach you.

Be nice- :) I appreciate you standing up for me, and for yourself, but Anne's heart is in the right place-
btw- you make me laugh, I love the word Puppeteer!

Diane and Sarah _ I love your thoughts and concern for others. You both have such a wonderful and compassionate heart!

Jen White said...

Hey anne- you posted while I was typing so I didn't read your response- :) it takes me awhile to type. Thanks for the response, and I agree with you on the abortion issue and that Jesus loves children deeply. I would encourage you to read a post from another's blog about abortion. It had a really good discussion about the issue and what we as Christians can do. Even within that discussion of christians who are against abortion, they differed on how we should handle it :)
Her blog is "Sun Breaks in the Windy City". SHe's on my blog roll so you can just click on it and then scroll for the post regarding abotion.
Again- thank you for being here, I value your voice.

Diane Davis said...

Jen... your comments here are so refreshing to me. Thanks for being holistic in your thoughts and graceful with your readers. Rock on, girl.

Pot Liquor said...

I apologize for the sarcasm. It's not fair for me to dump my frustrations on you. My reaction was inappropriate, and I hope that I did not cause any ill feelings.

You are a great woman. I meant no disrespect.